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  • Acid Punch Poultry Pigs

    Acid Punch

    Removes and prevents biofilm in the water tubes. Improves the quality of the drinking water by lowering the pH and stimulates feed conversion.

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  • Aerocid Cattle Poultry Pigs


    Natural product with essential oils to be nebulized. Supports the airways and improves the air quality in the stable.

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  • AviForm Protect Poultry

    AviForm Protect

    Liquid feed supplement with strong purifying action in poultry.

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  • Aviform Cox Poultry

    Aviform Cox

    Supports an optimal gut health.

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  • Aviform Immuno Boost Poultry

    Aviform Immuno Boost

    Natural product to boost the immunity system and to increase resistance.

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  • Bio-Clean Misc


    Environmentally friendly cleaning agent for stables.

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  • Bronchimax Cattle Poultry Pigs


    Improves the feed conversion and ensures an efficient respiration.

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  • Gimax Poultry


    Liquid feed supplement to support the natural immunity and the digestion.

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  • Herba-Tox Cattle Poultry Pigs


    Natural protection against mycotoxins.

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  • HerbaDry Cattle


    Natural dry management of lactating cows without using antibiotics.

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  • HerbaFlux Cattle


    Supports a healthy balance of the intestinal flora in calves.

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  • HerbaMas Cattle


    Mixture of herbal extracts for an optimal udder health and a balanced cell count.

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  • Herbacid-Beef Cattle Cattle

    Herbacid-Beef Cattle

    Ensures an improved feed conversion, a good resistance and fertility of beef cattle.

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  • Herbacid-Calf Cattle


    Supports the resistance and digestion of calves.

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  • Herbacid-Cow Cattle


    Boosts the natural immunity and promotes digestion, milk production and fertility.

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  • Herbacid-Poultry Poultry


    Liquid feed supplement for better resistance and a good balance in the digestive system.

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  • Herbacid-Sow Pigs


    Liquid feed supplement to support fertility and immunity system of sows.

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  • Herbamin + Cattle

    Herbamin +

    Vitamin and mineral blend to meet the general needs of cattle.

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  • Herbamin-Boost Cattle


    Vitamin and mineral blend to support the general needs of cattle and to supplement any deficiencies.

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  • Herbamin-Cel Cattle


    Vitamin and mineral blend for a balanced somatic cell count in the milk.

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  • Herbamin-Claw Cattle


    Vitamin and mineral blend for an optimal health of hoofs and claws.

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  • Herbamin-Dry Cattle


    Vitamin and mineral blend for dairy cows in the dry period.

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  • Herbamin-Fert Cattle


    Vitamin and mineral blend to support fertility.

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  • Herbamin-Grow Cattle


    Vitamin and mineral blend to stimulate growth of young and finishing cattle.

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  • Herbamin-Milk Cattle


    Vitamin and mineral blend to support the daily needs and milk production.

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  • Herbamin-Power Cattle


    Vitamin and mineral blend to supplement large deficits.

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  • Herbamin-Start Cattle


    Vitamin and mineral blend enriched with yeast to support growth and development of the calves.

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  • Herbamin-Top Milk Cattle

    Herbamin-Top Milk

    Vitamin and mineral blend for top performing lactating cows.

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  • Mold Fix Poultry

    Mold Fix

    Mold Fix reduces the development of molds, yeasts and bacteria.

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  • Optidracht Cattle Pigs


    Supports the cow and the calf during pregnancy.

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  • Optistart Cattle


    Composition to strengthen calves immediately after birth and to stimulate the colostrum intake.

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  • Ovumax Cattle


    Supports fertility.

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  • Penergetic G/K Cattle Poultry Pigs

    Penergetic G/K

    Converts manure into a valuable organic fertilizer and eliminates ammonia and sulphur odors.

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  • Penergetic P Crops and soil

    Penergetic P

    Penergetic P supports plants and promotes plant growth.

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  • Penergetic T Cattle Poultry Pigs

    Penergetic T

    Increases resistance and promotes good metabolism.

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  • Poracid Pigs


    To support the digestive system and the resistance.

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  • PorciForm Air Pigs

    PorciForm Air

    To support the respiratory system.

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  • PorciForm Min Pigs

    PorciForm Min

    Vitamin and mineral blend for sows during the gestation.

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  • Pro-Claw Cattle


    Takes care of optimal claw health.

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  • Redress Poultry


    Improves the mineral absorption in laying hens. Takes care of stronger eggshells.

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  • Rokipo Poultry


    Herbal extracts to stimulate growth and to support in stress situations.

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  • RumiBloc Cattle


    Licking bucket with a high magnesium content.

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  • RumiBloc DRY Cattle

    RumiBloc DRY

    Licking bucket for cows during the dry period.

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  • RumiBloc FERT Cattle

    RumiBloc FERT

    Licking bucket to support fertility.

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  • RumiBloc PUR Cattle

    RumiBloc PUR

    Licking bucket for a better intestinal health.

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  • RumiBloc REPELLO Cattle

    RumiBloc REPELLO

    Licking bucket that takes care of a healthy skin and shiny coat.

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  • RumiForm Acid-Stop Cattle

    RumiForm Acid-Stop

    Composition for a healthy balance in the rumen.

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  • RumiForm Cell Cattle

    RumiForm Cell

    Controls the somatic cell count in dairy herds.

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  • RumiForm Detox Cattle

    RumiForm Detox

    Composition with purifying action.

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  • RumiForm Digest Cattle

    RumiForm Digest

    Composition with tannins and yeast to support a optimal digestion in calves.

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  • RumiForm Energy Cattle

    RumiForm Energy

    Provides dairy cattle with extra energy at the start of the lactation period.

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  • RumiForm Max Cattle

    RumiForm Max

    Composition with yeasts and herbs to promote growth.

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  • RumiForm Yeast + Cattle

    RumiForm Yeast +

    Composition of yeast cell walls and autolyzed brewer's yeast for better feed conversion.

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  • SalmoKil Plus Poultry

    SalmoKil Plus

    SalmoKil Plus reduces the development of bacteria.

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  • Sedafort Pigs


    Spray with essential oils. Has calming effect during transportation.

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  • Silo-Care Cattle


    Keeps silage feed in optimal quality.

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  • Vitachoc Boost Cattle

    Vitachoc Boost

    Liquid blend of vitamins as a support in difficult periods.

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  • Vitachoc E100+Se50 Cattle Poultry Pigs

    Vitachoc E100+Se50

    Liquid blend of vitamins to support the performances and condition.

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